Drawing Conversion Management, Inc.

Client: DCM
Job: logomark, website, business cards, email campaigns, blog content
URL: dcminc.ca

DCM is a small town company doing big things. Their team gets grubby sorting through old blueprints in musty basements, bringing them back to their facility and converting those degraded sheets into digital CAD files. Then they upload the new digital files into a searchable web app. Pretty cool!

I made them a fresh new website and updated their branding, starting with a new paper airplane logomark—in bold orange!—that conveyed DCM’s value to clients.

Blueprint rage

Blueprints were all the rage back in the day!

But…they get lost. And they’re not waterproof. Or fireproof. You can’t back them up, or find what you need in a few clicks. And if you find that blueprint on the shelf……….is it the most current version?

The benefit of using DCM

Time saved.

What happens when your long-time employee who “knows just where everything is” retires? Paper products aren’t dependable, accurate, or the best solution. We modernize your document workflow. You decide which components of our full-solution you need.

At your fingertips. Not moulding in a basement

echo replaces mountains of disorganized, ageing, outdated documents stuffed on shelves and the nightmare that is your digital database mess, with a fast, searchable, online engineering drawing management application.

Up and running in 3 minutes.

echo is a digital library that keeps track of your engineering documents and makes your life easier. Log in from any device and locate your drawing in a few clicks. Share that drawing with your plumber… who is looking for the shut off valve in the basement.