A content writer tells your best story

Why is your thing the best thing when people look for things like that? Tell that story in a relatable way and fans flock to your brand. They like your stuff and want to be part of your tribe. You win mindshare—hooray! Marketshare comes next.



Modern storytellers (content writers) combine creativity and analytics to craft a clear message. 

You hire a content writer to scrum on your backstory, dig into SEO analytics, scour the market, and create an inspirational word map that says the right things (copywriting) to your best crowd (content marketing). Smart copywriting connects you to your people. It shares why you do what you do (mission), how you got where you are, where you plan to go, and why your product or service solves problems better than all the other stuff out there.

But not everyone knows how to tell a short story that wins the hearts and minds of their audience at a glance. That’s why you hire a storyteller. What comes out of the Fresh Content machine is a story strategy that cracks across channels—optimized to the dickens—that makes your ideal customer feel like they’ve found home.

Why do you stand out?

What makes you appealing?

Who needs you the most?

Where does your value intersect your market?

How do you grab your share?

01. ThinkFuel marketing

The article is exactly what I was hoping for. The client needed someone like you who does a crazy amount of research and ends up writing as if you were in the industry for years. I’ve become so accustomed to less than stellar writing from other writers that I am head over heels for this! You nailed it perfectly.”

—Kevin D’Arcy, Chief Marketing Enthusiast

02. Coyote Mountain Lodge

“I had a great time working with Andi. Her language skills are one of a kind, fun, friendly, and inviting. She does amazing work! A job well done (on both sites).”

—Miki, Colorado (via pb+j)


03. Minneapolis St. Paul Agency

“Andi’s strong statements are ‘word images.’ They stand on their own without pictures.”

—Joe Cox, Minnesota

04. DCM

“It’s brilliant! I love the quickstart add-on. As for the quiz, Darryl and I are very happy with it. Love the humour! Girl, you rock!”

—Tammy Mitchell

05. Eclipse Academy

“I absolutely LOVE your voice as a copywriter. I am so excited you’re on this project. The order of ideas and calls-to-action make perfect sense. The periodic one-word phrases set in italics are effective! You’ve done a great job of retaining my voice, while adding a more conversational tone that still feels authentic to my voice.”

—Ashley Sarver (via pb+j)

06. Denure Tours

“Just looked! At first glance it looks AMAZING! Please keep going… I’m thrilled with how it’s sounding so far. Great job!”

—Kerry Brennan

07. All About Detail

“Fabulous! I just clicked on my site and I LOVE the home page and wording! Andi, I enjoyed working with you so much I told my husband I am going to miss you.”

—Dianne Knowles, founder 

Focus on growth. Outsource your content.

Get your story straight: 

  • Websites: overhaul the message on your site with creative words (for your customers) and strong SEO keywords (for Google).
  • Blog articles: educate your people, build street cred (industry authority), and backlinks (domain authority).
  • Lead generation: create zippy content for landing pages, eBooks, guides, quizzes…
  • Email campaigns: remind your fans why they picked you in the first place, and offer them something new.
  • User-experience (UX): I know about words. But I also know how to put those words down lock-step with whitespace because UX is the fashionable part of your message: words dressed in shitty design don’t get read.

Kill that opening shot. Leave a lasting impression.

Your competitors do it wrong. 

They bang out their product or service, add a purchase button, and call it a day. But it’s not about what you’re selling. It’s about how what you’re selling helps your customers (better than everybody else). It’s also about getting found with on page SEO and paid ads (SEM). Build that trust factor with Google, because if your customers can’t find you, they find your competition instead. Balls. 

Focus on solving customer problems. And tell Google about it. 

Words make the sale and pay the bills.

You hire an SEO-certified copywriter to connect your story to your customers’ stories. Every word brings your brand to life and every keyword (SEO) brings more customers to you (without sounding like robotic shit). Customers feel good about your brand (UX) and click your buttons because they feel you’re the best fit. You’re the answer to their problems

Design makes the words stand out.

Minimal design organizes your key benefits into easy-to-absorb chunks (Miller’s Law) so your customers know how you’ll solve their problem right away. Ditching clutter draws attention to your value like a key piece of furniture in a spacious Scandinavian apartment. It’s art + psychology. But it’s also fashion: shitty websites aren’t taken seriously. 

Content builds trust and boosts SEO.

Content is the words and images that go on your website. But it’s also your lead magnets (useful downloadables, videos, podcasts, and courses) that provide value for your customers, credibility for yourself, and an optimized nod for Google. You gate that stuff with a form that builds leads to power your marketing machine. That machine puts more content in front of customers. And the wheels on the bus go wound and wound. Money.

Show your customers that your thing is exactly what they need to do their thing. Ka-ching.

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"Copywriting is the #1 skill that online marketers need to master. SEO is a close second. Learning one or the other is OK. But when you combine the two skills, you'll be an unstoppable marketing machine."