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Copy + design

Fresh content = engaging WordPress websites with clean design and clever copy that ranks well according to Google and reads well according to people.

What is content?

Content = the words, images, and buttons on your website that engage your audience. It’s the stuff that creates and promotes your brand and shows your value.

What is great content?

Great content tells users what you’re about and why you’re valuable to them in under 5 seconds in a way that Google likes.

What does Google like?  

Google likes pages that are optimized. If you’ve done things right, you built your page with the right longtail keywords (search phrases) so users found you when they searched for you in Google. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is something you need to monitor regularly, updating your site with fresh content. Google rewards fresh content!

What is fresh content?

Most people already have some form of content. Usually, it’s outdated and needs a lift: Maybe a friend of your nephew made your website circa 2008 and it’s ugly and doesn’t bring in new business. Perhaps the colours of your website remind us of an arcade and there’s bevelled buttons on it and flashing starburst badges [shudder]. If that’s you, it’s time to update your page with fresh content that creates a great user experience (UX)!

Fresh content + great UX = the long click.

What the heck is a long click?

The long click is when users stick around on your page because they like what they see. You use amazing images and infographics, targeted keywords that are easy to read, and action buttons that encourage users to stick around. When you do this right, your ranking goes up and more people see you. More people seeing you is good for business.

Who is Fresh Content?

Hello! I’m Andi Coombs and my company is Fresh Content. I make engaging WordPress websites using a brilliant builder called “Divi” made by Elegant Themes. I also write clever copy that ranks well according to Google and reads well according to people. If you’re looking for a professional website that looks amazing and reads like a frickin’ masterpiece, you’ve come to the right place—but if you’re looking for busy or flashy, you’ve got the wrong gal (sorry)!

Once your content is fresh, your new look can be used for paper (business cards, brochures, tradeshow booths and banners) and for digital marketing: (email campaigns and social media). I do that too! 


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