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Your website should look as good as the awesome stuff you make.

Don’t pay an agency a ton of money for porridge! I’ll show you how to design your dream website, write razor-sharp words optimized for SEO, and cut out the crap. You’ll get step-by-step fresh squeezed content tips (just for creators) every day in your inbox with all the tools you need to take your site from fugly to fabulous in 7 days. We’ve got this!


I’ll show you exactly what I do, step-by-step,
every day for 7 days
. Learn how to:
    • discover your true value and write a clear intro (value proposition)—know your customer!
    • nail your keywords without the complicated bullshit.
    • write with focus using strong words, active speech, and short sentences.
    • pick awesome colours and font combos (that scream your character). Do you like Scandi? Boho? Retro?
    • organize your site so it flows like it should (learn about UX).
A site that’s pretty, easy-to-use, and written like a postcard is better than a site that’s ugly, hard to navigate, and full of fluffy filler words that make you want to stick a fork in your face.

Lay it out simply. Write it tight. Cut out the crap. Then wrap it in white space so it’s absorbed at a glance.

You’ll get free downloadables to keep you on track, make things easy, and save you scads of time:
    • sample header and about scripts to snag as your own (done by me for you—fill in the blanks and be done!)
    • quick and easy walk-throughs of FREE apps I use and love (to speed things up even more). 
    • checklists and workbooks to keep you organized. 
    • After-the-fact links to amazing creators who are blowing up their markets in awesome ways (and how you can use what they do to take your page to the next level).
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Lots of creators are pretty good at design.  But great words take some work.

What the heck is content? 

Content is what people see when they look at your site. 

Content = words + images + buttons.

Content is what you put on your website: the words, images, and buttons that engage your audience, promote your brand, and show your value—so make it valuable! You have 3 seconds to show why you’re awesome (in a way that Google likes) so users stay on your page. What does Google like?

Let’s talk about what Google doesn’t like first:

01. Old content 

Google doesn’t like old, shitty content. Google has an algorithm that changes all the time. One constant? The algorithm rewards fresh content that people see as valuable (based on CTR and dwell time). Amazing content creates a better user experience (UX) for your customers so they stick around and read about your super things. Google smiles at you, your page rank goes up, more people see you, and you get more clicks [queue the trumpets].

02. Clutter 

White space makes your eyeballs and your brain happy. Don’t cram as much shit on your site as you can. You’re going for as little shit as possible. Pick a couple of great graphics, put a block of brilliant copy in the header section, add a few lines of optimized copy under that with a simple CTA, and then wrap all of that greatness in emptyness so anyone scrolling can absorb the content at a glance. I’m serious! Leave lots of space in the margins like the edges will kill you. 

03. Bad User eXperience (UX)

There’s a lot of buzz out there about UX. But all you need to know is this: A site that’s pretty, easy-to-use, and written like a postcard is better than a site that’s ugly, hard to navigate, and full of fluffy filler words that make you want to stick a fork in your face. So pick two colours and two fonts for your site (or you’ll pull kindergarten), and use the same button style all over. Build a site with great content, and your customers and Google will love how you built it. Win-win. 

Make content that makes you happy and solves your customers’ problems.

What does Google like?

Google likes optimization.

Google is a search engine. Google likes pages that are optimized for search engines (SEO). Here are some things that will score admiration from Google:

Top 5 tips for Search Engine Optimization

01. Nail your keywords 

The copy should read like a conversation but contain search words that users would enter into Google to find you. There are simple ways to figure out your keywords and work them into your page (yo).

02. Boost your CTR

Write a short but catchy page title and meta description.  Incorporate your keyword in the title. If your link stands out and wins clicks, Google rewards you with a nice Click-Through-Rate (CTR) boost. Your page moves up and we dance.

03. Nail your intro

The opening shot tells your audience why your stuff is amazing in a way that makes them excited to scroll down and learn more. Work in your keywords, add some creative zing, and they’ll stick around.

04. Keep it fresh

Update your site with fresh content when you have something amazing to share—like a new product or a helpful tidbit. Google rewards content that’s fresh and valuable with a higher page rank. Don’t put up crap for the sake of schedule. That shit doesn’t fly.

05. Share the love

Link to other sites with quality content. These links are called backlinks, and they’re essential. They also link the creative community together so we can rise up and take over the world.

Make something fresh that puts a smile on your face and money in the bank. 
How do I kickstart my content upgrades? 

Six kickass content tips to clean things up.

You don’t have to spend hours researching the eff out of how to improve your content. I’ve done that for you! Here are six simple tips to get you started:

01. Nail your value proposition 

Also called a Unique Value Proposition (UVP), your value proposition is the value you propose to give your audience. It’s the most important message on your website—so get it right. Tell your audience why you are valuable to them using a few great words that sound like you. (I’ll guide you through this in my 7-day course.)

02. Visuals 

A picture is worth a thousand words. So use amazing, free Unsplash images and Piktochart infographics. Looking for amazing graphic assets for your site? Creative Market is a vault of high-quality illustrations, icons, and background images that take your site from meh to amazeballs. 

03. Ask for something

Use clear, engaging buttons (also called “Call To Action” buttons or CTAs) to encourage clicks. That action can be to contact you, jump to another page, sign up for a valuable course or ebook, or buy your thing. Keep it simple and guide your customers toward that click.

04. Slash that copy

Every word counts, so keep things short and helpful. Tell your customers how you’ll solve their problem without getting poetic. That “problem” might be that someone wants a pretty piece of pottery for the foyer. Sell your awesome pot with amazing photography and words that tug at their emotions.

05. Whitespace

Keep your design clean or users will click away immediately (bounce). Bounces hurt your Google rank. Leave empty space so you don’t blow up brains. Brains need space between blocks of information. Less is more here. Please don’t jam shit together. Your content should look like Scandinavian design—a key piece surrounded by space.

06. Actually create value

People like to share good experiences. Give them something good to share on social media, because good word of mouth is a business booster. Give them a discount for repeat business and referrals. Keep in touch by email (subscriptions) offering valuable content (and content upgrades) after purchase—because we love our customers!

All about UX

What the heck is UX? And why the heck does it matter?

It matters because of Google. In the world of websites, Google is the big daddy decision-maker. Make google happy, and you land on page one. Google is happy when your website makes your audience happy.

Design it Scandinavian (minimal).

Write it Hemingway (tight and to the point).

01. Dwell 

Make a sweet site and users will stick around to check it out. They decide if they like your page in 3 seconds (or less!). If they do, they’ll read your stuff, scan your pictures, and click your buttons. Google rewards dwell time with a rank boost. That’s when more people see you—which is good for CTR and for business.

Improve dwell time with a great UX. Great UX grows out of great content.

02. Bounce

Do a shitty job of UX and users will click away (bounce) from your boring, confusing, ugly website. Bounces are bad! When users bounce off your page, Google gives you a stink face, flips you the bird, and drops you off page one of search.

Cut the crap out of your content in seven days.

Make a beautiful site and turn your passion into a moneymaker!

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Is your website outdated, cluttered, and hard to navigate? That’s gross.

Lift your business above the crowd with amazing new content.