Fresh Content.

Building fresh websites.

Build it clean. Keep it brief. Make it creative.

Millions of customers are searching for you right now. Make it’s easy for them to know what you’re all about (and why they like what you’re all about) with a brilliant website. Because when customers like what they see, they’ll click your buttons, share your content, and ask about your awesome product or service. That stuff’s magic.


Get fresh copy + design.

Old is poop. 

“Content” is what’s on your website—the pictures and words. Google doesn’t like stuffy old content. In fact, Google’s algorithm (that changes all the time) rewards fresh content. So if your website is cluttered, hard to navigate, or has flashing starburst badges on it [shudder], it’s time to update your page. Lift your business above the crowd with amazing new content! Create a better user experience (UX) for your customers and make a friend in Google at the same time.


Who is Fresh Content?


Fresh Content builds beautiful websites. Since a picture says a thousand words, we pick the right pictures. And with a picture of Papa Hemingway on our wall, we’re stingy with the words we write, and we make sure every one of them is optimized for a search engine thumbs-up. We challenge ourselves to find that clever nugget of creativity in every project, and we keep things affordable for small businesses. That’s how we score those winning nods from our awesome clients (and from Google). 

Build it clean. Keep it brief. Make it creative.



Photo by Papaver rhoeas on Unsplash

That not-so-fresh feeling.

Maybe you hired Fresh Content and now your website is fresher than bread out of the oven—hooray!

But what about your other content? 

No worries! We wouldn’t hang your sheets on the line but leave your socks in the dirt! We spread freshness to your social media hangouts and email templates. And, since paper is still a thing, we freshen up your business cards, brochures, trade show booths, pop-up banners, posters… you name it! Fresher than cut grass on a crisp morning.

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Photo by Jeff Hopper on Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Hopper on Unsplash