What the heck is UX?

And why the heck does it matter?

UX stands for User eXperienceThere’s a lot of buzz out there about UX, but this is UX in a nutshell:

Less stuff on your site makes brains happy—aim for this!

A cluttered site blows up brains—that’s bad.

Hick's Law

Take away choice! Turn complicated things into simpler things so users decide what to do faster and easier.


Occam's Razor

The simplest solution is always the best solution. So get rid of clutter; use the fewest words possible and the simplest design.  


Pareto's Principle

Focus on what brings the most benefit to the most customers. 20% of your things will get used by 80% of your customers and 20% of your website will generate 80% of your revenue.

Fitt's Law

Make buttons big enough that they’re easy to click/tap. Keep the distance short between the action and the action button.


Aesthetic usability effect

Pretty things are preferred over more functional but ugly things.


Miller's Law

Lump chunks of content on your page into seven or less sections (with lots of empty padding in between) so users can absorb the content. The average brain can only keep track of 7 things in memory at a time


Serial Position Effect

Put the most important stuff in the top hero section and at the bottom of the page because brains can remember beginnings (primacy) and ends (recency) better than middles.

Zeigarnik Effect

Use a progress bar as a visual reward that nudges users to the end of bigger tasks.

Doherty's Threshold

Keep the site lean and optimized so it loads fast. If a user has to wait, a user bails.


What are the key UX takeaways?  

The simpler a site, the faster it loads, the easier it is to understand, the better it converts browsers into buyers. Cut down your words, pick three colours, use two fonts, and one button style. Be picky with your images and generous with your loyalty-building giveaways. Don’t go for perfection—focus on making it good enough soon enough. Group your key points together and pad those points with whitespace so it looks pretty. Put your value statement at the top and bottom so people know what you’re about when they arrive, and take it with them when they go. 

And one last thing:

UX matters to Google. Google is the traffic controller of the internet. If your website makes your audience happy, your Click Thru Rate (CTR) and dwell time stats go up and Google gives you a VIP parking spot. Learn more about Google (What the heck is optimization?)

Create a great UX with the right content.