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1. Put a clear message on a clean website that’s powered by strong SEO

2. Give away free goodies to grow your email list—you’re most important marketing tool!

3. Grab a social media megaphone to tell your future fans why they’ll love you.

When you show the right customers your amazing value, you’ll make sales. The right giveaway (lead magnet) gets your foot in the doors (their inboxes). Then you use email to build trust. And guess what? Loyal followers flap their gums about you on social media. Your fan base grows and so does your bank account. HUZZAH!


The right words bring your brand to life and convince Google to send customers your way. Those customers land on your brand and see that you can do something great for them.

Website copy: overhaul your message

Your website is your pitch. The right words and the right structure moves customers down the page toward your buy button. Let’s scrub your page and declutter your offer!

  • Client kickstarter—answer some questions to get us started!
  • Site copywriting edit/rewrite—purge and refresh!
  • SEO keywords incorporated ($750 value)
  • Two rounds of edits
  • Delivery in 1 month or less.


*Up to 10 pages (additional pages $200 per)
*website copy overhaul is included in the website design package.

Blog posts: inform, build trust, boost SEO

A blog post educates your readers, adds credibility to your company, keeps things fresh for Google, and creates keyword and backlink opportunities. 

  • Strategic topic list based on keywords
  • photo selection included
  • internal links to other posts/pages (link building)
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • Google snippet preview (title, slug, meta-description, hierarchies, alt tags)

$2000 (pkg of 4)

Tactical blog articles (750 – 1000 words) & thought pieces (1500-2000 words) depending on your industry and the intent of the article.

*keyword research is included (but feel free to provide).

Core company messaging: know why you exist, inspire your team to focus on that, and tell your future fans why they should pick you

Company values: what do you stand for?

What kind of culture are you building? What qualities do you look for in new team members? What words will you pin to the wall and repeat?

Mission/vision statement: team inspiration

This one’s for you and your team. It’s an internal statement that describes your economic objectives. It’s what you strive to accomplish today (mission), and what you’ll work toward tomorrow (vision).

Value Proposition (UVP): your megaphone

This is why you exist. It’s what you offer to your customers (in the hero section). Get this wrong and you’ve chucked the first building block of your marketing tower out the window.

  • Introductory survey—answer questions to point me in the right direction
  • Background industry research—I dive in and wear your pants
  • 3 creative and concise UVP/mission/vision/core values statements
  • edits as required (within reason)


Email + social campaign: Engage with your prospects and customers

Email marketing is the most lucrative form of marketing.

Offer free downloadables to your audience in exchange for their email address. Then continue to reach out on a schedule to keep your company fresh in their minds:

  • Give them sneak peak at what you’re up to on social media
  • Brag about your case studies
  • Show them what’s trending products
  • Impart your industry knowledge

Remind them you exist, and drop a promo once in a while.

  • We’ll talk about style, tone, graphics, and—most importantly—the strategy
  • Includes graphic design, copywriting, and scheduling 

$2000 (1 month of content)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO impresses the google bots over time. It’s how you win a great seat at the search bar table and grow your business.

Starter SEO: “Hi, Google! Look at me!”

A website without SEO is a business card. But with SEO, you’ll grow your customer base and turn leads into sales.

 On-page SEO:

  • SEO research: top 10 keywords to go after
  • Google snippets (title, meta-description, slug, focus keyword)
  • Onpage hierarchies (headlines, subheadlines, body copy)
  • image alt-tags 
  • readability


*up to 10 pages. This service is included in the website copy and website design overhauls

Serious SEO: Google notices your supahstah moxie.

Research, analytics, and strategy. This legwork covers the bases, gets you on track, and brings you up to speed. 

 On-page SEO plus…

  • Competitor analysis
  • Content calendar
  • Internal & External link list
  • Website audit
  • URL structure recommendation
  • Site speed citations
  • Google Business Profile set up & optimization


Monthly SEO: You and Google become besties.

SEO is a grind that increases results over the long-haul. To grow organically for search, this is where you put your dollars.

Basic SEO plus…

  • Top keywords for paid ads (PPC)
  • Hubs & spokes (categorize your playing field)*
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Site recommendations (tweaks)
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting


    *Once you have a vault of blog articles, it’s time to internally link them together. A hub page is a cornerstone index that Google sees as super important. It links out to related page across your site (spokes). This is strong SEO that builds your authority in your space.

    Show customers that your thing is exactly what they need to do their thing. Ka-ching.

    Design + Copy

    Keep it simple: Start with your website. Then create lead magnets to gather emails. Then launch an email campaign and post on social media. That’s how marketing stuffs your sales pipeline.

    Website build/overhaul: a fresh look + kickass message + lead generator

    Built from scratch or a site overhaul, a minimal, mobile-responsive design makes the words stand out. Ditching clutter draws attention to your value—that’s why minimalist design is so popular! It’s art + psychology. But it’s also fashion: shitty websites aren’t taken seriously.

    • Client kickstarter—answer some questions to get us started. The conversation begins!
    • Set up on a CMS (WordPress, Wix, Shopify…) for new websites
    • Copywriting ($3000 value)
    • Design (UX): page flow, branded colours, fonts, image sourcing 
    • On page SEO: focus keyword, title, meta, hierarchies, tags ($750 value)
    • 1 lead magnet to start building your email list ($1000 value)
    • walk-through of new design
    • edits until you’re happy (please don’t be an asshole)


    *includes up to 10 standard pages (home, products/service, about, blog, contact, landing)
    *extra pages: $500 per.

    Lead magnets: downloadable eBooks, workbooks, guides & surveys

    Give your fans something valuable to download that gives them a feeling of accomplishment. You charge an email for that happiness and that builds your list—email is the most valuable marketing channel! Lead generators help your customers in one valuable way and give you a way to reach them in the future and push your products/services.

    • An eBook is a digital book that teaches something
    • A workbook is an eBook that adds step-by-step tasks to complete.
    • A survey asks questions in return for answers


    $1000 per

    *Let’s chat about what is best for your product/service! All lead magnets include research, copywriting, design, and download notifications

    The whole kit & kaboodle: a premium content package (3 month retainer)

    One offs are great! But strategic content over time builds authority in your industry (street cred!) and domain authority online (SEO). If you’re in it to win it, this is the ultimate content marketing package.

    • Website overhaul
    • 4 blog articles
    • Key company statements (mission, vision, core values, UVP)
    • 3 lead magnets (eBooks/checklists/surveys)
    • 3 months of SEO (basic setup plus continuous monitoring) 


    *divided into three monthly payments of ($5,000)

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    “Copywriting is the #1 skill that online marketers need to master. SEO is a close second. Learning one or the other is OK. But when you combine the two skills, you’ll be an unstoppable marketing machine.”

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