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Step 1:

Put a clear message on a clean website that’s powered by strong SEO.

Get in front of more of the right customers with Google, show those customers your amazing value, and make sales that float your boat #captainhappiness. 

Step 2:

Give customers goodies.

The right giveaway (lead magnet) gets your foot in customers’ doors (their inboxes). They like that giveaway so they don’t mind if you offer even more helpful stuff by email. That’s how you build trust. And guess what? Loyal followers flap their gums about you. Your fan base grows and so does your bank account.

Copywriting services

The right words bring your brand to life and convince Google to send customers your way. Those customers land on your brand and see that you can do something great for them.

Value proposition: the outward message.

This is why you exist. It’s what you offer to your customers (in the hero section). Get this wrong and you’ve chucked the first building block of your marketing tower out the window.

  • Introductory survey—point me in the right direction
  • Background industry research—I dive in and wear your pants
  • Top competitors research—know thy friends
  • 2-5 creative and concise value statements
  • 2 rounds of edits


Mission statement: team inspiration.

This one’s for your staff. It’s an internal statement that describes your character. It’s what you strive to accomplish today, and what you’ll work toward tomorrow (vision). 

  • Introductory survey—take a stab at some key questions.
  • 2-5 strong mission statement options
  • 2 rounds of edits


    Blog post: inform, build trust, boost SEO.

    A blog post educates your readers, adds credibility to your company, keeps things fresh for Google, and creates keyword and backlink opportunities. 

    • worksheet provided to list topic, keywords, and helpful internal and external links
    • photo selection included
    • internal links to other posts/pages (link building).
    • 2 rounds of edits
    • Google snippet preview (title, meta-description)

    700 – 1500 words


    1500 – 2500 words


    *keyword research required? Add $50.
    *post to a CMS with SEO format (H1, H2, alts): Add $75.

    Website copy: overhaul your copywriting.

    The copywriting on your website is your creative pitch. It moves customers down the page toward your buy button.

    • Client kickstarter—answer some questions to get us started!
    • Walk-through of old site—purge and refresh!
    • SEO keywords incorporated
    • two rounds of edits
    • Delivery in 1 month or less.


    *Up to 10 pages (additional pages $200 per)
    *included in website design package.

    Design services

    Minimal design makes the words stand out. Ditching clutter draws attention to your value like a key piece of furniture in a spacious Scandinavian apartment. It’s art + psychology. But it’s also fashion: shitty websites aren’t taken seriously. 

    Website design: a fresh, clean, new look!

    Built from scratch or a site-overhaul, a modern mobile-responsive website is a smart marketing move.

    • Client kickstarter—answer some questions to get us started!
    • copywriting ($3000 value)
    • image sourcing
    • walk-through of new design
    • two rounds of edits
    • delivery in 1 month or less


    *includes up to 10 standard pages (home, products/service, about, blog, contact, landing)
    *extra pages: $250 per.

    Tradeshows: show off  your branding

    Take the look of your new website and turn it into a branded display. 

    Tradeshow pkg.:

    • floor booth (10’x20′) or 2 tabletops
    • pop up banner
    • brochure
    • postcard takeaway
    • printing/delivery


    Paper promos: tether online to the real world

    Touchable things aren’t going anywhere just yet. And premium paper has impact.

    • business cards
    • post cards/rack cards
    • flyers/posters
    • stationary
    • stickers


    Content services

    Lead magnets make your customers happy. You charge an email address for that happiness. Those emails feed your marketing machine. That machine drives sales. And the wheels on the bus go wound and wound. Money.

    eBooks/workbooks: a sizeable downloadable

    For marketing purposes, an eBook is a mini PDF book that delivers information in a categorized way. A workbook is an eBook that adds tasks to complete.

    • 8-10 branded pages


    Checklists: quick, and everybody loves ’em.

    Don’t underestimate the power of lists, or the feeling of accomplishment you give someone who completes a task! A favourite magnet.

    • one branded page


    Quizzes and surveys: Fun and informative.

    Use these as a way to get to know your customer, help your customer figure stuff out, and push your products/services.


    SEO services

    Grow your business by having a great digital billboard on Google. It starts with organic SEO (the stuff you do that impresses the google bots over time). It fires up with paid ads.

    On-page SEO: get Google to see you.

    A website without SEO is a pretty digital business card. And since the point of a website is to grow your customer base and turn leads into sales… you need to focus on SEO.

    • up to 10 pages
    • Titles and meta-descriptions
    • Headlines, subheadlines, body copy.
    • alt-tags on images
    • cornerstone content
    • readability


    *on-page SEO is included as part of website copy and website design done by Fresh Content.

    Get started package: check the big boxes.

    There’s a bunch of initial analyses and legwork required to cover the bases. This stuff gets you on the track and brings you up to speed. 

    • On-page SEO
    • Competitor analysis
    • Top 10 organic keywords phrases
    • suggested blog post topics 
    • backlink suggestions
    • SEO errors that should be fixed
    • site speed
    • posting to local directories
    • Google My Business sign up.


    Monthly SEO: push the needle up over time.

    SEO is a daily grind that compounds results over the long-haul. If you want to stay at the top and keep getting leads, this is where you put your dollars.

    • For month over month SEO, I pair up with ThinkFuel Marketing. My man, Kevin D’Arcy—Hubspot SEO specialist, super-smart, all-round swell guy—is a metrics mastermind, turning your dollars into qualified leads. Qualified leads make you money. Trust me on this; he digs deep and pulls out insights that make it worth having him in your pocket.

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