fresh content
SEO proposal for Provive

April 28, 2017


  1. Develop a conversion-focussed web strategy to promote Provive.
  2. Drive organic search traffic to using optimized, targeted onpage keywords that rank well in Google and Bing and get high Click-Through Rates (CTR).
  3. Design the page with bold images, clear infographics, benefit-driven subheads, and “hook” words that create a great User Experience (UX) and a long click (low bounce) evaluation by google.
  4. Manage analytics and SEO strategy over time to boost user engagement using backlinks, reviews, and social media promotion.
  5. Create an email opt-in to increase conversions and leads.
  6. Implement A/B split-testing to see what elements convert best.
Project scope and deliverables

Working closely with Chris to define goals and success metrics, I will implement the following SEO items and manage them over time, providing a monthly analytics report with SEO recommendations.

OnPage SEO

  • Competitive benchmark three (3) top competitors
  • Keyword research, target top ten (10) opportunities
  • Optimize page titles & meta descriptions
  • SEO copywriting / text optimization
  • Image optimization (UX + alt tags)
  • Google XML sitemaps
  • Link building to related websites with strong outbound links.
  • Fresh content added to the site regularly to highlight Provive’s state-of-the-art cleaning products and revolutionary restorative process.

Social media

Customize social media properties to mirror website branding and use social media to promote Provive.

  • Social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Social sharing buttons on site.
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets + hashtags.

Local SEO

Optimize local SEO: Google My Business, Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Homestars etc. as identified by Chris.

Fresh content

Initial SEO work: $1800
Monthly report: $95

An analytics report will be provided each month evaluating keyword rank compared to competitors, # of site visits, # of organic visits, visitor duration, bounce rate, and page views. SEO recommendations will be provided with the report.

SEO work (based on monthly report) will be done at $60/hr and includes:


  1. fresh content added to site with an SEO focus.
  2. email opt-in list monitoring
  3. email campaign design/promotion
  4. link building
  5. social media posts/tweets
  6. local SEO


Thank you, Dean and Chris, for the opportunity to submit a proposal outlining Fresh Content’s SEO strategy for Provive.