ScanTrak Data Systems Inc.

Client: ScanTrak

Job: the whole branding shebang: website copy + design, business cards, magazine ads, tradeshow booths/banners/postcards, and user guides.


My oldest client (since 1997). ScanTrak was an innovative startup 20 years ago that introduced barcode scanning using rugged handheld devices to the pest control industry for real-time tracking (what pests were found and what treatment was applied)—proof the job was done. Fast forward to today. Now they sell the most rugged equipment on the market (Zebra, Honeywell Intermec, Data max-O’Neil, and Brother). They provide custom integrated solutions for those devices along with mountains of support to boost client productivity across their entire enterprise. They’re leaders with a loyal following because of their off-the-shelf solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. 

And they’re nice guys too. 

Field service isn’t all puppies and sunny days.

For 25 years ScanTrak has supported your field workers with rugged Mobile Solutions that stand up. We only work with the best products. We deliver those products with software that works from day one. And when you need us, a real person picks up the phone.

There’s a lot of newfangled junk out there. 

And we don’t sell it. Since 1996 we’ve offered only the most reliable—and most advanced—mobile terminals, printers, and accessories available. They take a beating and they do their job, so you can do yours. That’s it.

10 things to help you right now:

Are you making the most of your workforce? Our Top 10 list makes sure you are. We’ll pluck you from the crowd and put you on top—Boop! There you are on top! And now you’re more productive, and more profitable. And that’s our focus. Huzzah.

Not our first rodeo.

We’ve been kicking at this can since 1996, working with the best mobile products since the birth of handheld devices. We’ll mobilize your workforce, putting the right information at their fingertips so they can make better decisions. We’re the kings of the automated workforce castle.  And our support? Well, our clients don’t stick around for nothin’.

Give your analytics rocket boots. 

We’ve worked in this industry long enough to see the gaps. Most companies can use a bit of a sock pull-up here and there to be more productive and profitable. We’re a friendly crew at ScanTrak, so we’re happy to share our insight. Plug these tips to fine-tune your workforce and give your analytics rocket boots. 

Because frills are for dresses.

Mobile technology changes. Companies big and small jump on bandwagons and push what’s trending whether you need it or not. Not us! We look at your needs and equip your team with a unique mobile solution that’s both custom and affordable.

We know this bag. End of story.

When field productivity goes up, so does your margin.

Step 1: Put premier products in the field that perform at their peak without downtime. 

Step 2: Make sure your field team knows how to use those products.


We’ll solve literally all of your IT problems.

We track the direction of data collection. We’re the first to test new products to see if they’re worth their salt. We build custom mobile solutions to increase your insight and your end-of-quarter results. Proven software. Seamless integration. As simple as that. We are here for you—and we have been for decades.