All About Detail

Client: All About Detail

Job: website copy + design


As a marketing and advocacy professional for over 10 years in Kitchener-Waterloo, Dianne Knowles worked with busy executives who struggled to find a work/life balance. She saw a need and filled it with her far-reaching connections and network of top-tier service professionals, launching All About Detail in 2018. 

Tackle your to-do’s! How much time will you save for the stuff that matters?

Not your average concierge company.

Modern concierge is on the rise as an accessible lifestyle service for busy executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Whether you’re looking for a stylish space or for someone to stock your fridge and leave a healthy smoothie recipe beside your Vitamix, All About Detail is all about those details.​ Do you want more time to enjoy life?

Make your day-to-day life run smoother.

All About Detail offers a selection of personal services and corporate employee benefits that are custom-tailored per client and are never “limited to.” Take charge of your life. Let us handle your wardrobe, alterations, groceries, errands, and gift buying.

Errand running

You’re a multitasker—a checklist guru! But why are you making those checklists and finding time to do all the things you don’t actually want to do? Prioritize yourself first. Make a new checklist for things like downtime, adventure, travel, fitness, leisure, massage, and recreation.

Decor that fits you

No time? No interest? No problem! All About Detail custom-tailors every project to fit our clients’ unique tastes and needs. We pay close attention to detail, ensuring client satisfaction every time. 

Managing everyday tasks with professional detail in Kitchener-Waterloo.