L.E.A.R. Business Park

Client: L.E.A.R. Business Park
Job: website copy + design
URL: learpark.com

The housing market north of Toronto is booming. Retailers, restaurants, and high-tech hubs are opening up shop. Commercial space is in demand and L.E.A.R. Development Corp. is laying the groundwork for major employers.

I designed fresh new website layout for L.E.A.R.’s minimum viable product (a framework to be filled in as units fill up). 


Parry Sound is a true balance of live, work, and play. Half way between city buzz and cottage country escape, real estate is still affordable here, internet is lightning-fast, and traffic jams don’t exist. Beautiful Parry Sound offers stretches of open space, fresh air, and water horizons edged by rock and pines. Demand for commercial space is growing. It’s time to move north and work where we play!