CrossFit Lindsay

Client: CrossFit LIndsay

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One of my favourite projects. One of my favourite people. Ryan Hawkrigg is getting Lindsay Ontario and area fit. And his members are having fun doing it. With classes from dawn ’til dusk, amazing instructors, a great community of like-minded folks, and a no-frills atmosphere that makes you feel comfy, it’s no wonder new members are joining up every single day.  

Hooray for newbies! 

We aren’t trying to win lifting competitions. We’re trying to fit into our pants and get out of our cars without wearing them like backpacks. What do you have to lose (other than a bunch of fatness and unhappiness?). Click the button.

Because sugar is an asshole.

SO WORK IT OFF! The secret fitness formula isn’t a secret: eat better and exercise. That’s the ticket. Except maybe on Sundays. On that day, eat pancakes. 


You’ll be sore. And tired. But soon you’ll drag around less weight, suck less air, keep up with your kids, and get more done. You’ll find energy, strength, stamina, and confidence. (mic drop)

What the heck is a WOD?

It’s when your underwear bunches up doing CrossFit. Just kidding. Who wears underwear? A WOD is the “Workout Of the Day.” It’ll be on the big white board when you walk in. WODs get names because these workouts come up over and over again. It makes them easier to remember. They don’t hurt any less when they’re called Helen or Cindy.

Knees to elbows.

Hang on! Hang from a pull-up bar and shoot your knees up toward your torso until your knees touch your elbows. For a harder version, bring your toes all the way to the bar. For the hardest version, let go of the bar. (Ha. Don’t do that).

Whole body fitness.

No Thigh Masters, sauna suits, vibrating dongles, or magical unicorns here. You don’t get fit overnight! But you will get fit in the fastest, safest way possible using natural everyday movements that incorporate muscles from top to bottom.  Some bars, some bells, and some sweat! It’s fun (we promise).

Low-key location.

Screw the public places. Who wants to work out in a mall? We’re tucked into a cozy part of town out of the way. We don’t pay crazy rent, and we pass that savings on to you, the people who power this awesome laid back joint.