Hello! I’m Andi Coombs.

For fun, I write words without purpose for the pure joy of writing them. For work, I write purposeful words that help talented people earn a living. Brian Dean told me I’m an unstoppable marketing machine (okay, not me directly, but people like me who write creative SEO copy with a money-making twist).

I want to make the world a better place by cleaning up gross design and demolishing shitty writing.

The words on your website tell your customers how you will fix their problem better than everyone else. Communicate that better than your competition (within a few seconds of landing on your page) and you’ll convert that tire-kicker into a fan (paying customer). That’s part one. 

Part two: Those same words need to do a damn good SEO job of showing Google what you’ve got. Check that box and you appear on Google’s page one. Confetti!

Get on page one, get more clicks, help more customers, and make mo’ money. 

Come again?

If Google likes what you say (and how you structure what you say) you’ll get a boost in search results. That boost puts your page in front of more of your ideal customers. Those ideal customers click your links and read your story. Your story convinces those customers to stick around and read more about how you will solve their problem. Every second on your page is a second closer to the buy button.

When I help draft that communication—when my words resonate with your customers and they choose you over everyone else—that makes me feel great about what I do… like I have superpowers (drink clinks!).

The SEO part is the science that gets customers to your page. The copywriting part is the creativity that keeps customers on your page

I create content that blows up the tiny corners of the world.

Sometimes that content is a website (design + copy). Sometimes it’s a value proposition or something as small (and important) as a headline. Sometimes it’s a blog post (a collection of kickass words that tell a useful story, build authority, and solve a problem).

Where'd I get my skills?

Twenty years ago I studied “Media, Information, and Technoculture” at Western University, landing my first jobs in technical writing. I wrote software user guides, breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand steps. I needed that stuff to look better, so I studied graphic design at Humber College and photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)I needed that stuff to rank better so I studied Search Engine Optimization at BrainStationPutting these skills together created fireworks in my brain. My mind is happiest at the intersection of art and analysis.


“Copywriting is the #1 skill that online marketers need to master. SEO is a close second. Learning one or the other is OK. But when you combine the two skills, you’ll be an unstoppable marketing machine.”

The right words build customer trust (brand credibility), distinguish you as the best damn choice in your market, and put you on a podium in your niche.

I tell creative, money-making stories for other creators in this world (bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, side hustlers, stay-at-home moms and dads). I cut those stories down to their bones (hello, Hemingway), and I relate those stories so they connect with your customers. I optimize those stories for search engines, keeping an eye on your sales funnel.

I get really fucking clear about how you’ll fix a pain point with a solution that engages—and works. I build trust with those stories so readers want to click an action button and become loyal fans (paying customers).

Since we judge books by their covers, I make sure my words look as good as they sound, scoring top marks from Swedish minimalists for design (not really) and A1-algorithm approval from Google for User eXperience.


Trusted by


Brand agencies hire me to write the pants off their designs, marketing agencies use me to communicate their strategies, and small businesses count on me to build sites that catapult them to the top.

I’ve worked with photographers, magazines, travel companies, data companies, fitness gurus, and politicians. I use my copy + design skills to create fresh (squeezed) content that works hard for my awesome clients every day.

How you talk about a thing is how you sell that thing.

I’ve been in love with words since I could hold a pencil. And I love to teach others (like you) how to do great things with your pencils (like how to turn boring bull crap into compelling content). I break down how to boost your spot online, draw your customers in, and knock your stuff out of the park in a way that impresses Google and converts tire-kickers into paying customers.

I have 40 000 hours (give or take) of things to say about good writing—dished out with humour, said like it is.

I ship “Figureoutable” (free single-serve content lessons) to inboxes once a month. That kind of schedule keeps your site converting browsers into buyers bit by bit, without making you feel overwhelmed (because weekly tasks are too fucking much, am I right?) I package every email with SEO advice and writing and design tips—manageable, doable tasks—for you to try out on your own site.

When you trust me with your email, I deliver a shit-ton of value to it—things I wish I had known when I was starting out. I like to think I send truly useful information—and a laugh—to screens across the world 12 times a year. That makes me feel pretty dern good about what I do [echo: superpowers].

Your marketing problems are figureoutable. Let’s figure them out bit by bit.

I recommend must-see watchables and must-hear podcasts. I give away free downloadables like should-try checklists, resource guides, ebooks, toolkits, steal-my-stuff templates, and swipe files (hot-off-the-press snapshots of things I build into my DIY Content for Creators course).

These freebies—delivered to you with colourful language—turbocharge your content, make your message crystal bleeping clear, improve your visuals, and pluck you from the crowd like a hawk’s dinner. You don’t have to do any of it, of course! But if you don’t do some of it, your shit will start to stink. So take the free stuff and put it into action, muchachos! None of it is fluffy malarkey, I promise!

Do you want craploads of content tips delivered to your inbox every month (along with “holy shit!” helpful freebies)?

Spam is shitty. I don’t do it. But your email provider might think Fresh Content’s FIGUREOUTABLE inbox tidbits are spam, so please add to your safe list. Do that and the good stuff is yours 12x/yr. Tequila!

Once again you have outdone yourself! This is fantastic! I made one small comment—but it’s perfect!

“I had a great time working with Andi. Her language skills are one of a kind, fun, friendly, and inviting. She does amazing work! A job well done (on both sites).

Say hello!

“Fabulous! I just clicked on my site and I LOVE the home page and wording! Andi, I enjoyed working with you so much I told my husband I am going to miss you.

Photo by Jeff Hopper on Unsplash