A clutter-free website that’s written like a postcard is a marketing tool that makes you more money. But if your site is ugly, filled with jargon, and fails to solve customer problems, it’s a lost opportunity. 

Ask yourself

Does my site look like crap and read like a sad informercial?

Do I focus more on what I do than what my customer needs?

Do I know for sure who my best customer really is?

Do I deliver a ton of value to my customers?

Do I snub Google because I don’t do SEO?

If you’re sitting there all uuugh, chances are your website could make you more money in three steps.


See the target (your customers)

See the target 

(your customers). 

Reach the right customers and tell them how your thing makes them money.

1. Who is your best customer?

Research your people (buyer personas) and throw an axe at the target.

2. Why are you valuable to your customers?

What do your customers ultimately want? What do you give them specifically? Nail your offer! Underline how you’ll fix their problem (make them money). Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about how you help them.


Hit the target (with super content). 

Hit the target  

(your super content). 

Create clever content that turns strangers (awareness stage) into subscribers (consideration stage) into buyers (conversion). 

  • Put a face on your value that your customers relate to and trust—one you can hang your dreams on.
  • Whitespace that face so it looks good. 
  • Create a landing page that answers the questions your customers ask.
  • Give them something and be crystal clear about the reward—what will they get if they opt in?
  • Take those emails and send them more great stuff (upsell) to turn subscribers into buyers. 

Throw a sweet axe (with Google).

Throw a sweet axe

(with Google). 

If customers don’t know you exist, it’s all for nothing. Help them find you with on-target SEO… or they’ll find your competition. And that’s poop.

  • Do your SEO research.
  • Add the top keywords to your titles, headlines, metas, and body copy to boost your rank so more customers see you and click to your page…where your content does the rest.
  • Copy what your high-ranking competition is doing.
  • Get a Google my Business account and post your site in local directories.
  • Consider paid ads so Google hands you a better axe (and shortens the distance).
You can do this

If you’re a go-getter entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer, one-employee shop, or solo expert and you want to earn a better living online, it’s time to fix what’s wrong with your website. 

Stand out from the crowd with a unique offer, give your customers valuable content that solves their problems,  get them cozy with your brand so they trust you and come back to you, and get noticed by more of your ideal customers by giving Google a nod.

What say we grow your business and start making your dreams come true? 

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