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Copy + design

It’s time to put a fresh face on your website and paper media! 

What is content?

Content is the words, images, and buttons on your website that engages your audience. It’s the stuff that creates/promotes your brand and shows your value.

What is kick ass content?

Kick ass content tells the world what you’re about less than 6-8 seconds in a way that Google likes. It describes your value proposition with words and images (this is what I do and why I do it better than my competition), displays a call to action (click this button), and invites users to share your stuff (via social media). 

What is fresh content?

Most people already have some form of content. Usually, it’s outdated and needs a lift: Maybe a friend of your nephew made your website circa 2008 and it’s ugly, not relevant, and doesn’t bring in new business. Perhaps the colours of your website remind us of an arcade and there’s bevelled buttons on it and flashing starburst badges [shudder]. If that’s you, it’s time to update your marketing and make it fresh.

Who is fresh content?

Hello! I’m Andi Coombs and I run Fresh Content making engaging WordPress websites and writing clever copy that kicks ass and ranks well according to Google.  If you’re looking for clean copy and fresh design, you’ve come to the right place—but if you’re looking for busy or flashy, you’ve got the wrong gal (sorry)! Once your content is fresh, I’ll apply your new look across the marketingverse: business cards, brochures, banners, tradeshow booths, email campaigns… you name it.