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It’s time to put a fresh face on your website and paper media! 

This is a new site, but for now it’s a placeholder. I’m busy! I haven’t had a chance to launch my own website yet! Please take a look at my recent work below.


What is content?

Content is the information on your website that tells the world about you or your company. It’s the words, images, and buttons that engage your audience. It’s the stuff that creates/promotes your brand and shows your value.


What is good content?

Good content tells the world what you’re about immediately (and does it in a way Google likes). This is important because the average human attention span is 6-8 seconds (less than a goldfish). That means you have 6 seconds to grab interest and get the visitor to stick around. Think of it as a 6-second carrot dangle: It has to be a pretty fantastic carrot.


It’s gotta be like BAM! this is what I do (the value proposition), and this is what I want you to do (your call to action), and also I want you to share it (facebook, twitter etc.) so that others know too. The BAM! happens by using as few words as possible (cut the fluff!), carefully chosen images (logo + stock), and clean design with a button that creates a click-action: a free trial, product discount, something for download, or simply a way to contact you.

If what you’re about is obvious is under 6 seconds, your content kicks ass.


What is fresh content?

Most people already have some form of content. A lot of the time it’s outdated and needs a lift: Maybe you parked a website on the interwebs years ago as a digital business card and it’s boring and doesn’t bring in new business. Maybe your website was made by a friend of your nephew circa 2008 and the content is no longer relevant or appealing. Perhaps the colours of your website remind you of an arcade and there’s bevelled buttons on it and flashing starburst badges [shudder]. If that’s you, it’s time to update your marketing and make it fresh.


Who is fresh content?

Hello! I’m Andi Coombs and I run Fresh Content making webpages and such. Companies pay me to make their content spiffy and fresh using clever copy (slash and dice!) and clean design—so if you’re looking for busy or flashy, you’ve got the wrong gal (sorry)!


I’ll communicate your message in a way that looks great, engages your customers, and ranks well according to Google. Once your content is fresh, I’ll apply your new look across the marketing gamut: business cards, brochures, banners, tradeshow booths, email campaigns… you name it. 


And look for my new site soon!